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At Santa Saks we commit to our community gifts of hope and necessity, by providing for the basic needs of others.


A special thanks goes out to our friends at Glacier Ice Rink who are supporting Santa Saks by hosting the Big Red Box. Please stop by the GIR and drop off your fleece donation today!

The Big Red Box at Glacier Ice Rink.

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Santa Saks

At Santa Saks we commit to our community gifts of hope and necessity by providing for the basic needs of others.

We work to distribute backpacks directly to our homeless neighbors. Much of our joy comes from the face to face meetings with the recipients. we also use agencies such as The Poverello Center, Mission 3:16 and the Samaritan House to help identify people in need.

Santa Saks Packs loaded in the truck for distribution Santa Saks distributing packs at Missoula's Valor House Santa Saks Is Meeting a Need and This Image Shows the Appreciation.

The statistics on homelessness in the United States are astounding. As one of the most affluent and successful nations in the world a study by the Department of Housing and Urban Development found nearly 750,000 people were homeless in 2009. More worrying is that 25% of these are chronically homeless.

The reasons for homelessness are as varied as the people who are living this way. Mental health disorders and substance abuse can contribute to the problem but the lack of affordable housing contributes as well.

At Santa Saks we hope to meet the basic needs of those who are homeless regardless of why they find themselves on the street. We can give a gift of hope to individuals who are struggling to reach the simplest of human needs: shelter and warm clothing.